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Upcoming Events (Pac-West members receive discounts on the following)

April 2 - FTI Quality Management Systems
April 8 - FTI Understanding Hydrogen Embrittlement in Fasteners
April 14 - FTI Fastener Manufacturing Plant Tour
April 17 - FTI Webinar: The Right Torque and When It's Not
April 22-25 - Pac-West Spring Conference & Tabletop Show


Membership Benefit Spotlight 

Annual Computer Software Guide

Pac-West members receive access to this complimentary guide focusing on software for distributors and manufacturers.

Software Features Comparison Wizard
This database-driven application uses a series of questions to help visitors identify and select the software vendors that satisfy their criteria. After registering, users are presented with a comparative side-by-side feature matrix and vendors receive information on who selected them.
Browse Vendors
Contains an alphabetical listing of all of the software vendors who participate in the Guides with a brief description and link to learn more.

Browse Resources
Visitors can order printed software guides and vendor CDs.
Browse by Applications
Cross-reference listing by application module. There are about 32 application modules that have a dedicated page displaying a brief description and list of vendors along with a link to the main vendor portal.


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