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(Free) 2019 Pac-West Webinar: Fine-Tuning Network Infrastructure for Improved Performance and Efficiencies

There is a very specific way of getting the best performance out of your network. Start with a review of the basics; you’ll be surprised that it’s not all technical, but logical. You’ll learn how to build a list of all of your hardware devices connected to your network. Plus you’ll get some insight into what IoT (Internet of Things) means for distribution.

The Benefits of Membership

- Discounted registration to all of Pac-West's events, the Fastener Training Institute's events and Credit Management Association webinars.
- Discounts on credit reports, online sales training programs, NAW publications, YRC freight shipping and free access to our archive of sales training webinars.
- Access to our 160+ member database
- Host tabletops at our Southern California meetings as well as our tabletop shows, held every other year.

Annual Dues:

$450 for Distributors - Companies with more than 50% of sales to end users
$450 for Manufacturer's Representatives
$650 for Suppliers - Companies with more than 50% of sales to distributors
$650 for Associates - Companies that sell non-fastener products and services to the industry

Upgraded partnership annual dues range from $2,600 to $13,000, which includes free event registrations, marketing pieces, event sponsorships, and more.

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