CDP: The Three Letters You Need to Know

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A new article by Benj Cohen, Entrepreneur of Artificial Intelligence Technology and Third-generation Distributor, is live in the NAW Blog: Distributing Ideas

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As distributors look for new ways to connect with customers and boost profitability, they must consider all sorts of three-letter tools: ERPs (enterprise resource planning), CRMs (customer relationship management), MDMs (master data management), MRMs (marketing resource management), and so on. Unfortunately, many of these “solutions” end up causing more problems than they solve.

Enter the Customer Data Platform (CDP): A tool that truly solves customer engagement issues by combining analytics and action. Given the list above, I understand why distributors are suspicious of miracle tech solutions. However, let me explain what CDPs are, why they are fundamentally different from other tech solutions and how distributors can use them to leverage their most valuable resource, customer data, to drive huge growth.

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