Sherex Gives Back: Day of Caring

Compression Limiters



Sherex rivet nuts and compression limiters are the ultimate fastener solution for attaching thin sheet plastics and composites. Compression limiters provide metal to metal contact during joint assembly, providing protection from cracking and overstressing of soft base material, while rivet nuts provide a thread in soft and thin materials.
  • Available in custom sizes and configurations
  • Mold-in or press-in options available
  • Available with knurl feature for higher spin out resistance
  • Can be made from several different materials, including aluminum (for lightweighting)
Sherex custom engineers compression limiters for each application, taking into account specific material, dimensional, and performance requirements. Contact Sherex about integrating compression limiter functions with rivet nuts to reduce components required.
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Sherex Gives Back: Day of Caring

On August 15th, Sherex participated in the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County Day of Caring, Western New York's largest community service event. Sherex staff assisted by performing landscaping and painting for the Community Music School. Community Music School (CMS) provides musical public service programs to Western New York, and quality music instruction for individuals of all ages and levels of ability regardless of aspirations or financial resources. Thanks to United Way of Buffalo and Erie County and our dedicated Sherex employees for your contributions to this worthy cause!



Sherex Application Spotlight
Benefits of Cold Formed Vs. Machined Rivet Nuts

Sherex's engineering team designed a left hand thread rivet nut.

The Challenge:
  • The OEM was experiencing issues with a fully machined nut in a steel filter canister assembly. The fully machined rivet nut cracked during 10% of installations, causing decreased throughput and high scrap costs.
The Solution:
  • Sherex created a fully cold formed, left hand thread rivet nut in order to meet all of the application's performance requirements.
  • The new rivet nut installed correctly 100% of the time, increasing throughput and eliminating the cracking, rework, and scrap costs.
The Sherex engineering team is available to assist you with your fastening challenges. Contact us at [email protected] or call 866-474-3739 for more information.
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