Find Your When: Selecting the Best Time to Implement ERP Software

Are you stuck on the “When” of ERP implementation? If you’ve figured out the Who, What, Why, and How but are having difficulty selecting the timing, here’s a secret: you’re not alone

Many distributors postpone ERP hoping that some sign will reveal the perfect time to implement. Yet, without a glowing bat signal or the piercing eye of Sauron, companies pursue a wait-and-see method of decision-making. Why? The justifications are fairly common:

  • We’ll wait until the new fiscal year
  • We’ll schedule it for our slow period
  • We’ll do it after we finish hiring
  • Maybe after the holidays

Rationalizations like these drive delays, yet time is not on your side. Without the essential improvements of interconnected ERP software, days, weeks, and months equate to lost opportunities for compounding savings, productivity, and growth.

So, when is the right time to implement ERP software? In short, the answer is “Now.” Remember that the longer implementation is put off, the longer your company will be mired in redundant, inefficient processes. Honestly ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my sales team have swagger? (Are they producing at the highest levels using my current system?)
  • Do I trust my current inventory? (Are the quantities and locations fundamentally reliable?)
  • Is my data accessible? (Is my sales, customer, and inventory data easily accessible for users in or out of the office?)
  • Am I planning for tomorrow? (Are my sales and purchasing projections based on real-time data?)
  • Do competitors fear me? (Does my current productivity, pricing, and turnaround deliver maximum competitive advantage?)


If you answered “no” to any of these, it’s a good indication that you have already recognized the need for ERP and should make plans to forge ahead. You already know that your current manual method or legacy system isn’t providing the necessary tools for your company to succeed. So what should you do right now?

Rely on Distribution One. For 20 years, Distribution One has successfully helped hundreds of distributors find their “best time” and partnered with them through the entire ERP implementation process. Whether On-Premise or Cloud-enhanced ERP, our ERP-ONE+ software delivers the accuracy, accessibility, and productivity your company needs for expanded growth.

I welcome you to contact me with your questions. I look forward to helping you find your “When.” 

Steve Monks

Sales Executive 
[email protected] 

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