New NAW Podcast Series

NAW is pleased to introduce the new NAW Podcast Series: INNOVATE TO DOMINATE, sponsored by PROS.

In our first episode, “An Introduction to the Innovate to Dominate Podcast Series,” you’ll learn about INNOVATE TO DOMINATE and what it means for you in the context of COVID-19. Watch or listen to this podcast – Check it out!

This new NAW Podcast Series is centered around the findings in NAW’s best-selling Innovate to Dominate: The 12th Edition in the Facing the Forces of Change® Series, written by Mark Dancer and sponsored by PROS, which helps distributors connect the dots between the forces of change all around us, the things that are reshaping how customers buy, and how businesses operate. It connects the dots between those forces of change and how distributors can actually innovate their business model. (Note: NFDA Members are eligible for discounts on the purchase of this publication.)

Distributors are innovating, and the goal of this podcast series is to provide a roadmap for distributors to get ahead of this disruptive market. Follow Mark Dancer and Richard Blatcher of PROS as they interview special guests along the way to help distributors "Innovate to Dominate"!

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