How To Prioritize Your Innovation Budget

From Harvard Business Review

Here’s the scene: A problem has come up with one of your supply chain vendors, threatening to delay timely shipment of your product. At the same time, a potential opportunity appears that, with some exploration and investment, could lead to a new generation of products down the road. Which do you respond to first? Read More

More Universities Need To Teach Sales

From Harvard Business Review

For decades, Sales and Academia remained worlds apart and the business world did fine. But Sales is changing, Academia is out of touch, and this is bad for business and the academy. Click here to read more

Credit Managers’ Index Reaches Nine-Month High

From NACM's eNews Weekly Update

The strong, 54.6 showing of the combined manufacturing and service sectors continues a trend of mostly steady gains that began in November, although a couple of key categories showed signs of losing steam. Click here to read more

The Skill and the Will to Succeed in Sales and Life

From Tom Reilly

Success is demanding. It is one part skill and an equal part will. Someone may have the skill to succeed but lack the will to succeed.

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Beacon Fasteners and Components is Stocking High Salt Spray Full Trilobe Thread Forming Screws

A Press Release From Beacon Fasteners and Components 

Beacon Fasteners and Components is expanding their thread forming line again by stocking High Salt Spray Full Trilobe Thread Forming Screws! Parts are steel-zinc RoHS with a high salt spray plating of 96 hours to white rust and 120 hours to red rust. Beacon is excited to offer a variety of drives, head styles, and sizes complete off the shelf in bulk and small volume quantities.

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Rotor Clip 2016 Ring-A-Majig Contest News

A Press Release From Rotor Clip


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10 Must-Have SEO & Website Tools

From ThomasNet RPM Blog

You’ve got amazing content that should provide your visitors with enough incentive to offer up some basic information in order to access, but you can’t take any chances. You want to make sure your conversion rate is as high as possible. Click here to read more

Pac-West Mourns the Passing of Dr. Esmael Adibi

His economic updates were important parts of many Pac-West meetings. A great man, who truly will be missed. Click here to read more

No Appeal to SCOTUS to be Filed for Conflict Minerals Rule Wording

From Lawrence Heim, Elm Sustainability Partners

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5 Hot Trends in Trade Shows

From Event Manager Blog

The way people visit and experience trade shows today has changed dramatically from just a year ago. Click here to read more

De-Commoditize Your Product

By Tom Reilly, author of Value-Added Selling

A commodity is a product differentiated only by its price. If the only thing that differentiates you from the competition is price, you have more than a pricing problem. You have a failure-to-differentiate problem.

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Competing on Customer Journeys

From Harvard Business Review

Rather than merely reacting to the journeys that consumers themselves devise, companies are shaping their paths, leading rather than following. Click here to read more

Advance Components Welcomes McCormick Associates as Advance’s Manufactures’ Representative

A Press Release from Advance Components

Carrollton, TX – April 6, 2016 - Advance Components, a master stocking distributor of specialty fasteners, welcomes McCormick Associates as Advance’s manufactures’ representative for sales in New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

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The Problem with Best Practices

From Fast Company Magazine

Best practices don’t make you the best. They make you the average of everyone else who follows them. Click here to read more

Why Graduates Lack the Skill They Need Most

From World Economic Forum

Today’s college graduates tend to be highly trained and employable, but researchers say they often lack a key skill needed for post-college life: how to identify and ask their own questions. Click here to read more

Organizations Lose 5% of Revenue Annually Due to Fraud

From Brown, Smith, Wallace

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) recently released its 2016 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse. A key statistic is unchanged from the last report, issued in 2014: the typical organization loses 5% of revenue annually due to fraud. The association also reports that a lack of internal controls is the main organizational weakness of occupational fraud victims. Click here to read more

20 Things the Most Respected Bosses Do Every Day

From Inc. Magazine

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10 Tools for Remote Workers

From Entrepreneur Magazine

Many modern businesses have at least some remote workers. Working remotely increases productivity, reduces stress and is more cost-effective than working from an office. Click here to read more

ISM Manufacturing Index Points to First Expansion in Six Months


The Institute for Supply Management said its manufacturing index rose to 51.8% last month from 49.5% in February. Click here for more information

The Daily Habits of 21 Highly Effective People

From Inc. Magazine.

Check out these quotes from 21 successful executives who credit simple daily habits for helping them get ahead in business and life.