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Leading Your Company Forward in These Tumultuous Times

From Entrepreneur

A shifting power base in a polarizing political climate is changing the landscape of leadership. How do you garner trust, create a culture of accountability and ensure a healthy and productive workplace? READ MORE

Cable Tie Express Expands Offering of Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Fastener Training Institute Elects New Officers

A Press Release from the Fastener Training Institute

Officer elections were held at our most recent Board of Directors meeting. We’re pleased to announce the following:

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Earnest Machine Adds New Drilling Capability

High-volume production drilling makes custom easy

ROCKY RIVER, OH—April 4, 2018–-Earnest Machine has added new equipment at its Rocky River, OH, facility that enables the company to do high-volume production and specialty drilling of holes from 3/64” to 13/32”. “Earnest has always offered low-volume drilling of parts,” said Al Shannon, manufacturing manager at Earnest Machine. “This new equipment opens up additional opportunities, enabling us to bring more drilling services in-house and allows us to take on higher volume runs of up to one million pieces.” Shannon noted that adding high-volume drilling capabilities equips Earnest Machine to offer one-stop shopping for customers who need specialty work, making custom jobs quick and easy. In addition to the ability to drill small diameter holes in small parts in large volumes, Earnest continues to offer hex head and socket head drilling up to 1-1/4” diameter; thread drilling up to 2” diameter; core drilling up to 2-3/4” deep and tapping up to 2-1/2” deep. “One of the common complaints in our industry is that machine shop work is rarely on time,” added Shannon. “At Earnest Machine, we track our shop metrics and our on-time delivery rate is 97.4%. That’s because everything we do is wrapped in the Earnest customer service experience, including the custom work in our shop. If it’s not a quality part, the job’s not complete.”

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How To Design an Emotionally Intelligent PowerPoint Presentation

From Fast Company

It’s not about sleek graphics or the presentation software you use. It’s about whether the story you tell resonates with your audience’s needs. READ MORE

4 Reasons To Encourage Flow States at Work

From MultiBriefs: Exclusive

Sports championships, scientific breakthroughs, technological developments — in addition to reams of negative political events, the news is constantly full of stories of amazing achievements few of us could have ever predicted. Records are broken regularly, huge advances are made in the fields of medicine, and innovative solutions have become as common as downloading a new app. READ MORE

5 Ways You Can Boost Productivity in Your Office Without a Complete Overhaul

Simply creating a comfortable, safe environment and eliminating confusing processes and bad habits will do the trick. READ MORE

Replacing Welded Hex Fasteners with Full Hex Rivet Nuts!

Sherex Application Spotlight: Replacing Welded Hex Fasteners with Full Hex Rivet Nuts!


Sherex's engineering team worked with a manufacturer of agricultural equipment to significantly reduce their fastener and installation costs for several key joints.

The Challenge:
  • The OEM was experiencing low throughput rates and creating toxic emissions by utilising weld nuts.
The Solution:
  • Sherex's engineering team designed and produced a full hex rivet nut to be installed using the FLEX-5 rivet nut installation tool.
  • The new solution increased throughput by 50%, eliminated toxic emissions, AND provided a significant cost savings to the OEM.
The Sherex engineering team is available to assist you with your fastening challenges. Contact us at [email protected] or call 866-474-3739 for more information.

Why ACT? The Best Kept Secret

The Best Kept Secret

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Don't Be Complacent: 13 Proven Ways to Improve Your Business

From Entrepreneur

The best time to tweak your business for the better is when everything is already going well. READ MORE

Seven Ways To Cultivate Innovation And Creativity In Business

From Forbes

Even the most creative of business minds hit a wall at one point or another. The creative juices stop flowing, and it all just comes to a head. Taking the time you need to get away and reignite that internal flame can help you get yourself back in the mindset needed to come up with those innovative ideas once again and make thing happen at your business. READ MORE

Tax time: Avoiding business audits

From MultiBriefs: Exclusive

Ready or not, this year's tax filing deadline is approaching quickly — April 17. And the big question for many businesses across the U.S. is how to avoid audits. READ MORE

Annual SEC Conflict Minerals Filing Warning: Country of Origin is NOT Smelter/Refiner Location

From Elm Sustainability Partners

Last month, we joined a webinar, along with Michael Littenberg, Dave Lynn and Christine Robinson discussing the upcoming conflict minerals filing for calendar year 2017. READ MORE

New Development International Report Identifies Gaps in Smelter/Refiner Audits

From Elm Sustainability Partners

Development International (DI) has published a new study on the OECD Due Diligence Guidance, industry-led due diligence and smelter/refiner (SOR) audit programs. Elm Sustainability Partners is honored to have participated on the study’s Advisory Committee. READ MORE

5 Ways To Prevent Decision Fatigue From Ruining Your Productivity

From Fast Company

Take these steps to stop yourself from making bad choices when you’re too tired to think. READ MORE

How to Figure Out What Your Time Is Worth

From Entrepreneur

It's time to admit we can't do everything. And that's for the better. READ MORE

13 Finance Terms You Should Know as a Business Owner

From Business 2 Community

Entrepreneurs bring all sorts of skill-sets to their venture, such as the ability to sell, or to organize activity, or to raise funding. Some might have a business background, but others might need to learn the ways of business while on the job. Here are 14 terms you and every entrepreneur should know, because they involve central concepts that affect your business. READ MORE

Sherex: FLEX-5 Rivet Nut Installation Tool

Fastening Systems Engineered For Performance™

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Joining the Borg Collective

From the Profit-Tips channel

Some companies function with such destructive consumption that they are actually unprofitable to do business with. One such type of business functions much like the Borg Collective in Star Trek; expecting you to handle very large numbers of small orders, provide and fund additional logistics, and waive or modify the policies that normally protect you from losses. These are companies that will eat up your profits; it is wise to keep away from them. This video gives a guideline for how to avoid getting caught in their grasp. Watch the video.

You've Lost Your Biggest Account – Now What?

From the Profit-Tips Channel

Everyone eventually faces the loss of a significant account. Sometimes it’s one that represents such a large share of business, that “normal” operations are no longer possible. How you handle the situation will determine whether it’s an unpleasant blip, or a near death emergency. This video shows what to do to keep your ship from afloat when the inevitable happens. Watch the video.