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Cold Headed vs Machined Solid Pins

Solid Pins are common fasteners used for aligning, joining, and assembling multiple components. Solid Pins are most useful where the clamp load of a bolt is not needed. They are also used for specific functions such as locating components, hinges, tamper-resistant designs, etc. READ MORE

NAW Joins Two Amicus Briefs on Labor Issues

Jade West, Senior Vice President-Government Relations
National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

NAW joins amicus brief on FLSA overtime rule:

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How to Give a Webinar Presentation

From Harvard Business Review

Presenting in a webinar — when you often don’t have access to visual cues about how the audience is responding — can sometimes feel disconcerting or awkward. Here are a few strategies to improve the experience for you and your audience. First, make use of the camera. Many professionals don’t like looking at themselves on camera, but that’s not a valid excuse when you consider how much more engaged listeners are when watching a real person talk to them. Next, an important corollary point: If you’re using the camera, you have to be mindful of visual aesthetics. Specifically, adjust your camera so that it’s giving a straight-on view of your face, and test out how your chosen backdrop appears to participants. It’s also a good idea to rehearse the mechanics of the webinar software you’re using. And finally, decide in advance how you’ll handle audience participation. READ MORE

Supreme Court Win on Sales Tax Issue!

Jade West, Senior Vice President-Government Relations
National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

This morning the Supreme Court handed down a decision in the Wayfair case overturning the Quill decision and – finally!! – allowing states to require out-of-state/online sellers to collect state sales taxes.   NAW joined Amicus briefs in this case, and it is a huge victory for our brick-and-mortar businesses.

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Checklist for choosing a quality retaining ring manufacturer

You certainly have choice of vendors when sourcing retaining rings, but not all retaining ring suppliers offer the same level of quality, expertise, and trust. Here are 5 points you should consider when choosing your next retaining ring supplier:

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EFC Accelerates Growth Into Mexico

EFC International, a leading supplier of engineered fasteners, with their corporate office in St. Louis, Missouri, continues to expand their global presence with the establishment of their office and warehouse in Mexico, EFC Global, S de RL de CV.

“Our recently established legal entity and operations in Mexico, including a warehouse in Querétaro, outside sales engineers, customer service and support staff in Mexico, enables EFC to enhance our service level in the region.  We’re able to respond more quickly and hold inventory in closer proximity to our customer base.  We also are positioned to act as a key channel partner into Mexico for our strategic partner suppliers.   With our locations in the United States, Mexico, Germany, China and South Korea, EFC truly has become a global leader in the supply of engineered fasteners and components.  EFC enables multi-national OEM customers and suppliers to utilize our services on multiple continents, taking advantage of our global network to mitigate supply chain risks and improve local service,” said Mary Becker, Vice President of North American Sales. 

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A Better Definition of Employee Engagement

From Jamie Notter

I’ve been searching the web for a good definition of employee engagement, and I have to say, I’m disappointed. There are a LOT out there, though I think that is fine. It doesn’t need to be oversimplified into a single definition. And given the amount of money we spend trying to fix employee engagement every year, it doesn’t surprise me that everyone and their brother are trying to define it. READ MORE

Advance Components | Master Stocking Distributor of Heyco® Solar Power Components

Advance Components is now a master stocking distributor of Heyco® Solar Power Components. Heyco® is a worldwide leading manufacturer of wire management products and components. The Heyco® solar line of SunRunner® Clips, SunBundler® and Nytye® Cable Ties, and Liquid Tight Cordgrips set the standard for excellence and high performance in the solar industry.

“Heyco is excited to announce the recent addition of over 220,000 pieces of 28 different SKUs to Advance Components’ offering,” says Tom Marsden, Renewable Energies and Product Sales Manager. “Advance’s outstanding level of service and Heyco’s superior quality in products makes it a no-brainer when choosing a partner for your next solar job.”

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Rotor Clip Offers “Rings On Wire (Row)” To Help Eliminate Packaging Headaches


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Sherex: FLEX-18 Hydro-Pneumatic Tool

Fastening Systems Engineered For Performance™

Looking for a powerful rivet nut installation tool? Sherex's FLEX-18 Spin-Pull Tool provides a pulling force of 18,000 pounds (80 kN) and up to 15mm (.591 inches) of available stroke. Features and benefits of this tool include:

  • Can install rivet nuts up to 3/4-10 (M16)
  • 2-3 second cycle time
  • Quick change mandrel design
  • Automatic reverse with manual reverse bypass
  • Lightweight handle 
  • Upgradeable to process monitoring

See the video below for a demonstration of the FLEX-18 Tool in action.

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Tips for Reading the Room Before a Meeting or Presentation

From Harvard Business Review

Knowing how to read between the lines and pick up on colleagues’ subtle social cues is a critical skill. After all, there’s often an explicit conversation happening in a meeting or around the water cooler — and a tacit one. The best way to take the temperature of a room is to pay attention to the people in it. Note who’s next to whom, who’s relaxed, who’s not, who’s standing, and who’s sitting. Look at their facial expressions, posture, and body language. Then try to make sense of what you’ve observed. Reflect on possible reasons for your colleagues’ emotional states. What’s happening in their lives and in their jobs? If the atmosphere feels tense, don’t let yourself be hijacked by negativity. Instead, shift the mood using humor or empathy. Keep an eye out for positive signals, too — the executive in the corner who’s smiling, for instance — and concentrate on those. READ MORE

You Probably Need to Rework Your Existing Business Model. Here's How

From Inc

Every organization can reap the benefits of disruption. All you have to do is start thinking like an outsider. READ MORE

Here's How You Can Build a Robust Game Plan For Your Business

From Entrepreneur

Your operations can be streamlined by following these simple things READ MORE

Earnest Machine Adds Domestic Hex Nuts to Product line

ROCKY RIVER, OH—May 14, 2018–-Earnest Machine is now offering domestic hex nuts in response to increased demand for U.S.-made products.

“The federal Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 requires the use of domestically made products in transit projects that receive more than $100,000 in federal money,” said Patrick Ginnetti, marketing director for Earnest Machine. “As the country’s infrastructure ages, maintenance, and repair spending on transportation infrastructure continues to grow in the U.S., which means increased demand for products made here.”

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5 Conventionally Accepted Wisdoms that Destroy Innovation

From Forbes

Businesses today operate in an unprecedented environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). Things have become too complex and change too quickly for organizations to effectively deal with challenges of the day—yet they still train leaders in traditional leadership competencies. The wisdom that made organizations successful in the past now jeopardizes their survival. Innovation is the only way to survive in today’s fast-moving environment, and success demands new leadership skills. Let’s contrast outdated rules of thumb with updated reality. READ MORE

7 Ways To Manage Uncertainty and Growth Simultaneously

From Entrepreneur

Don't ignore how much is beyond your control but never take your focus off of what is within your control. READ MORE

How To Turn a Left-Brained Workforce into a Creative Machine

From Inc.

You can create an environment where everyone can contribute to your company's innovation efforts. READ MORE

Wave Springs Beat The Heat


Thermal expansion is a common problem in applications that are exposed to high temperatures or that use materials sensitive to temperature changes. The usual problem is that internal components become loose after external components expand due to an increase in operating temperatures causing unwanted movement, vibration, and noise within the application. Design engineers plan to avoid this situation by pre-loading components with spring elements that compensate for thermal expansion and fix the components tight in place, avoiding unwanted movement within the application.

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Why Your Company Needs a Disruptor-in-Chief

From CMS Wire

As the online economy continues to affect existing business models, many companies are finding that the biggest hurdle to future success may well be doing things the way they always have in the past. READ MORE

How Authenticity Could Make or Break Your Small Business

From WiseBread

Owning a small business is no small feat. There are hundreds of articles written on how to effectively market yourself, attract customers, and drive traffic to your website. With so many gimmicks and tricks out there, it can feel impossible to determine what you should actually do in order to be successful. READ MORE