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EFC Launches New Website

A Message From EFC International

EFC International Continues To “Redefine The World Of Distribution” By Launching A New Website Focused On Providing An Unparalleled Customer Experience.

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Cold weather cable ties have superior performance in sub-zero temps (to -20C) and extended UV sunlight protection

How Mindset is Greater Than Process, Every Time

From Inc.

Everyone wants to innovate, but they often get stuck finding a framework and toolset to innovate with. The secret? Focus on mindset first. READ MORE

How to Navigate the Politics of an Innovation Project

From Harvard Business Review

Everyone wants innovation in their organization; it drives growth and revenues, promotes cultural change, and moves society forward. But getting a new innovation implemented can prove a challenge, especially with politics in play that encourage people to supporting the status quo over disruptive innovations. READ MORE

Finding Your 'True North': How to Align Your Employees With Your Company's Goals

From Entrepreneur

The Rolls-Royce brand is synonymous with top-of-the-line engineering -- but that’s not the only secret to its success. Neil Crockett, chief digital officer at Rolls-Royce, recently revealed to U.K. newspaper The Telegraph that shared team goals are driving innovation at the company. READ MORE

Hodell-Natco Acquires Davco Fastener Company: A Strategic Fit to Ensure Future Growth

A Press Release From Hodell-Natco

Hodell-Natco Industries acquired Davco Fastener Company on December 1, 2017. The move was a strategic one that gives Hodell-Natco a stronger foothold in the OEM market. Kevin Reidl, President of Hodell-Natco, worked together with Dave Potts, President and Owner of Davco Fastener Company on this mutually-beneficial transaction.

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Your Culture Has a Story

From Jamie Notter

I love data. I’m a cyclist, and in the group of friends I ride with, I’m known as “stats,” because I am always the one to report on our average speed and the number of meters we climbed, etc. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that when it comes to culture, I do like the data. I love debriefing the culture analytics with clients and talking about the interesting patterns and contradictions in the numbers. READ MORE

Beware the Dark Side of Success

From Jamie Notter

I was debriefing some internal culture data with a client, and the CEO opened the conversation with his other senior leaders by referencing a book that Marshall Goldsmith wrote a few years ago: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Goldsmith’s book is focused on individual leaders—helping them get past some unconscious habits that proved to be successful previously in their careers but have now become roadblocks to success. READ MORE

Are Your Employees Moving to the Future Without You?

From Jamie Notter

Some of you know that in the last year I made the decision to personally switch to the metric system. I was originally inspired by a video from Dan Pink on this, and it was surprisingly easy for me to change little things in my life—on my own—to adopt the metric system. My weather apps now show the temperature in Celsius. My scale shows kilograms instead of pounds. I changed many of the settings in my car to kilometers, and I’m actually getting used to the fact that my cruise control on the Beltway is now set to 105. So do you remember in the 1970s when there was a (failed) movement to switch to metric? That’s because in the 1970s you needed a movement for it to happen. We didn’t have the individual power to start changing things on our own. Now we do. READ MORE

3 Tips to Improve Your Management Team

From Jamie Notter

I think we take management teams for granted, but given the power they have to impact both strategy and culture inside an organization, I think that’s a mistake. We should be intentional about them and, frankly, hold them to a higher standard. Here are some tips for moving in that direction. READ MORE

You Can’t Prove Your Culture’s Good Until You Know What It Is

From Jamie Notter

Everyone wants to know how good their culture is. They want to know if their people rate the culture favorably, they want to know if they are considered a best place to work, they want to know if they have good engagement scores, and they want to know if they do a good job on things like innovation, transparency, collaboration, and agility. READ MORE

Fastener Fix November 2017

Fastening Systems Engineered For Performance™
Sherex Akron
Sherex Akron has updated its phone system to better accommodate our valued customers. Please take note of the following new numbers:

Main Phone: (234) 205-1178
Ted Utlak: (234) 815-1036

We would also like to welcome Renee Bartel to the Sherex Akron Team as our new Office Administrator! Renee comes to us with years of experience at companies such as Fedex and First Energy and is excited to be working at Sherex. Renee will be the primary customer contact for Sherex Akron moving forward, and can be reached via the main Akron line or via her direct line at (234) 815-1038.

Contact Ted or Renee to discuss our MS/NAS rivet nuts and small batch production capabilities. Sherex Akron is AS9100 certified, and products are available with short lead times and low order quantities.

Cage Codes: 7EK30 and 4JQL4
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Brass Inserts
Looking for solutions for high strength attachments in plastics and composites? Sherex offers a wide range of standard and custom mold-in and self-tapping inserts for structural plastic attachments in metric and inch sizes.

The custom mold-in inserts pictured above are examples of specialty brass inserts that Sherex manufactures for customers in multiple industries, including automotive and construction equipment. Click the link below for more information.
Brass Inserts
International Fastener Expo 2017
Team Sherex had a blast at the International Fastener Expo in Las Vegas last month! Sherex President Adam Pratt received the Young Fastener Professional of the Year award for his contributions to the fastener industry.

Among Adam’s achievements are: leading the Sherex team in the development of innovative product lines including Riv-Float©, Full Hex, and Large Size rivet nuts and TEC Series wedge locking washers; spearheading efforts to establish manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and Akron, Ohio; and successfully acquiring and integrating the Disc-Lock company and product line.

Congratulations Adam on your achievement!

Going Small in a Big Way


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Best Practices Suck

From Jamie Notter

No matter what kind of job you have, I’ll bet that a large percentage of your workday is devoted to one, single activity: Coming up with an answer or a solution to a problem you face. READ MORE

Brain Science Says to Trust Your Gut in These Key Moments

From Entrepeneur

Tough situations make it harder to process information -- but that's not necessarily a bad thing. READ MORE

Managers Aren’t Doing Enough to Train Employees for the Future

From Harvard Business Review

As topics like automation, artificial intelligence, and skills retraining dominate conversations about the future of work, some predict catastrophic job loss and a dystopian future where legions of unskilled workers languish unemployable in the margins. READ MORE

This 5-Minute Rule Is Proven to Make Your Meetings More Productive

From Inc.

A new meeting trend promises to increase efficiency and productivity. READ MORE

4 Ways To Train Your Brain To Be More Open-Minded

From Fast Company

In an ever-polarized world, it’s important to consider points of view other than your own. But truly being open-minded involves some tricky mental work. READ MORE

Sub-Standard Threaded Rods Entering North American Market

Article by Salim Brahimi, published in the October/November issue of Fastener Technology International. READ MORE

The Lab Materials Testing is now fully Nadcap Accredited

A Message From the Lab Materials Testing

We have some exciting news!

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