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On delegation and failure

From NewCo Shift

How a single conversation with my boss changed my view on delegation and failure. Read More

The Perfectly Balanced Sales Pipeline

From Tom Reilly

Imagine a steady flow of new business without peaks or valleys. Imagine the effect on your sales. Imagine the impact on your income.

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Three Important Sales Questions

From Tom Reilly

Selling is more about solving and serving than providing products to prospects. There are three important questions that salespeople can ask to help customers. In Value-Added Selling, these are called Projective Questions.

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Buyers Want More Than a Discount

From Reilly Sales Training

During this time of year, we reflect on what really matters in life. We step back from the everyday hustle and bustle and focus on the importance of family, friends, and heavily discounted Black Friday deals.

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European Parliament Announces Conflict Regulation for Finalization

From Lawrence Heim, Elm Sustainability Partners LLC

The European Parliament announced November 22 what is called “informal deal on a regulation” for the EU conflict minerals scheme. Read More

Overtime Rules and Flexible-Work Options

From Human Resources Executive Online

New research finds many employers responding to the new DOL overtime rules by cutting flexible work options. What must HR consider while implementing and communicating such changes? Read More

8 Productivity Experts Reveal The Secret Benefits Of Their Morning Routines

From Fast Company

Productivity experts spill their secrets on what gets them going first thing in the morning. Read More

The Greatest Motivator of All

From Tom Reilly

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." (Mark Twain)

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Why Salespeople Struggle to Sell Value

From Paul Reilly

In a recent Reilly Sales Training study, we asked salespeople about their personal purchasing behavior.

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How combined human and computer intelligence will redefine jobs

From TechCrunch

A new mindset is taking shape — the era of AI-human hybrid intelligence. This combination of a human brain and a computer intelligence is known as a centaur, and the applications for the centaur model in the workplace are potentially endless. Read More

A global guide to handshakes

From Expedia

The hand shake can help to make or break a relationship from day one. Read More

The Consumer Reports 10-Minute Digital Privacy Tuneup

From Consumer Reports

There's a lot you can do to protect your personal information when you go online, whether you're using a smartphone or a laptop, and whether you're at home or in a coffee shop. Read More

';--have i been pwned?

Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach Read More

Identify Awareness, Protection, and Management Guide

From U.S. Department of Defense

Without knowing the common ways our data is collected, who is collecting it, and where it can end up, safeguarding our information becomes difficult. Read More

What the US election means for conflict minerals

From Lawrence Heim, Elm Sustainability Partners

It has been an unusual campaign and election for the US presidency. Donald Trump will take office in January and the Republicans will control of both houses of the legislature.

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Mission vs Purpose: What's the Difference?

From the Disney Institute

 “We hear more and more that organizations must have a compelling ‘purpose’ — but what does that mean? Aren’t there already a host of labels out there that describe organizational direction? Do we need yet another?” Read More

The More You Energize Your Coworkers, the Better Everyone Performs

From Harvard Businss Review

We “catch” energy through our interactions with people – something called “relational energy”— and it affects our performance at work. Read More

The Future of Work: Investing In Your Geographically Distributed Employees

From Forbes

The geographically distributed future of work raises questions about how, and even whether, employers should invest in their remote employees.  Read More

How Your Own 'Startup Weekend' Will Help Drive Company Innovation

From Entrepreneur

You don't want employees feeling like their bright ideas just fall into an abyss. Set aside some time for employees (and their ideas) to shine. Read More

Why Calendars are More Effective Than To-Do Lists

From The MIssion

Given the role that time plays in our lives, it would make sense to focus on managing our time instead of our tasks. Using a calendar effectively can help you tap into the power of one focused hour a day. Read More