Infographic: Single-Turn Wave Springs vs. Stamped Wave Washers

One of the most common questions our Engineering team gets is customers wanting to know the difference between Rotor Clip's Single-Turn Wave Springs and traditional Stamped Wave Washers.

They may look similar but there's a lot more than what meets the eye.  Click here to download the infographic.

Single-Turn Wave Springs in Application Use
Ultrasonic Motors in DSLRs Rely on Wave Springs

This ultrasonic motor is used in a camera lens for autofocusing. A single turn closed wave spring is utilized to maintain the necessary pressure against the stator, holding the rotor in place since there are no screws or bolts in ultrasonic motors.

The wave spring is a better choice in this application over coil or washer type springs. The wave spring is light weight, compact and can still manage the low to medium loads required of it while keeping its spring.  Read more about this application

Still unsure if flat wire wave springs are right for you?

Watch the below video for more information on the best springs you haven't tried yet.