Sherex Large Size rivet nuts are the largest blind rivet nuts in the industry, available in sizes up to 3/4"-10 (M20). Large Size rivet nuts provide an extremely strong attachment point that can be installed from one side of the base material, eliminating the need for expensive and complex assemblies.
Sherex customers in the Heavy Rail, Automotive, Agriculture and Construction, and Utility Pole industries have reduced costs, increased throughput and promoted better safety by replacing existing fasteners with our Large Size rivet nuts. One example: a utility pole manufacturer replaced several costly and hard to install components from their step bolt installation with a Sherex Large Size rivet nut, resulting in a $40,000 per year savings! Additionally, since fewer, less complicated fasteners are now being installed, line workers can perform their job more quickly and safely.
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Sherex Large Size rivet nuts can be installed with our FLEX-18 Installation Tool. The FLEX-18 is the most powerful rivet nut installation tool on the market, with a pull force of 18,000 lbs (80 kN) & 15mm (.591 inches) of available stroke, and can install rivet nuts from 5/16-18 to 3/4-16 and M8 to M20. Other features include: both pull to pressure and pull to stroke installation capabilities, single stage trigger, automatic reverse, and quick change mandrel design.