A Press Release from Advance Components

Carrollton, TX – April 6, 2016 - Advance Components, a master stocking distributor of specialty fasteners, welcomes McCormick Associates as Advance’s manufactures’ representative for sales in New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

“Hiring the best people in the industry to serve our customers remains our primary focus," said Gary Cravens, President of Advance Components. "We’re thrilled to add Ken Schneeloch and McCormick Associates to our team."

McCormick Associates is a sales and marketing firm providing manufacturers representation and consulting services to distributors as well as supply and catalog houses for over 40 years.


Contact Information:

McCormick Associates
Ken Schneeloch, Jr.
128-3 Bauer Drive
Oakland, NJ 07436
[email protected]
201-644-7424 office
201-644-7427 fax
973-495-3872 cell