A Message from NAW:

As you know, in 2011 the Obama Labor Department promulgated a new rule dramatically changing the “advice exemption” from the disclosure requirements under the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act – the so-called Persuader Rule.  The Persuader Rule would have made it extremely difficult for companies, especially smaller companies without in-house labor counsel, to obtain legal advice during a union organizing campaign. 

NAW joined allied organizations in opposing the rule at every step and eventually challenging it in court, and late last year a federal judge issued an injunction blocking the implementation of the rule.  For a brief summary of the history of the Persuader Rule and the legal actions taken to block it, go to:


In May of this year, the Trump Labor Department began the process of permanently ending the Persuader Rule by initiating a new rulemaking to officially rescind it.

On Friday NAW joined others in the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, which we help manage, in filing comments supporting the new rule rescinding Persuader.

To read our comments, go to:   https://www.naw.org/tmp/CDW_Comment.pdf