A Message From Leo Coar, LINK Magazine's Editor/Publisher

Well here we are 40 years later and LINK Magazine is still going strong and growing. Just a bit different then when we started. LINK’S print and digital editions are now an equally important part of our industry, as well as our LINK App, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn social media pages, all ways to reach the industry which did not exist 40 years ago. Face to face with our readers is still the most important part of our job and Tracey Lumia will continue to cover all the meetings and Trade Shows. We do this to better inform the Fastener Distributor and Suppliers on what is going on in their industry.

I believe that print will still be as important to our industry as ever before and LINK Magazine has never been stronger. 2017 will be a very good year for LINK and our industry as we already see more interest in our magazine and what we offer then we have in the past few years. I know everybody in business is optimistic about the future, it is happening as we speak.

Our magazine is more than current news, it is a technical reference and resource guide for the fastener distributor that has infinite shelf life. Our readers keep the magazine on hand for years, considering it an invaluable source of information and is often required reading for their sales staff. Distributors may not need the information today, but they will need it sometime in the future and that is why we put quality paper into our magazine so that it can be saved without tearing apart.

As to the future of LINK, it is set up to last for many more years with or without me. So look for us in the mail, on line, and at an industry event near you…or via any other new opportunity that comes our way.

We look forward to hearing from and seeing you for the next 40 years.

Leo J. Coar

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