NAW Request for Anti-Trust Investigation of Amazon

NAW has just sent letters to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) requesting that their agencies open an investigation into the General Services Administration’s (GSA) proposed e-Marketplace platform (Section 846) and Amazon’s unfair and anti-competitive practices and processes.

NAW believes that GSA should be fostering maximum competition at this stage of Section 846’s implementation.  Even though GSA identified three credible e-commerce purchasing channels, GSA’s latest Request for Proposal (RFP), Commercial e-Marketplace Acquisition (October 1, 2019), confines its pilot test to only one model, that of the e-marketplace portal, the Amazon platform.  All other e-commerce models have been excluded.

In our letters we request that their agencies review the GSA e-commerce procurement to date and encourage discussion with GSA representatives to emphasize the importance of ensuring that alternative e-commerce models have a meaningful opportunity to compete.

Click here to see our letter to the FTC.

Click here to see our letter to the DOJ.

For a detailed report on this issue, please click here to read NAW’s Issue Brief.

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