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Don't Be Complacent: 13 Proven Ways to Improve Your Business

From Entrepreneur

The best time to tweak your business for the better is when everything is already going well. READ MORE

Tax time: Avoiding business audits

From MultiBriefs: Exclusive

Ready or not, this year's tax filing deadline is approaching quickly — April 17. And the big question for many businesses across the U.S. is how to avoid audits. READ MORE

13 Finance Terms You Should Know as a Business Owner

From Business 2 Community

Entrepreneurs bring all sorts of skill-sets to their venture, such as the ability to sell, or to organize activity, or to raise funding. Some might have a business background, but others might need to learn the ways of business while on the job. Here are 14 terms you and every entrepreneur should know, because they involve central concepts that affect your business. READ MORE

Joining the Borg Collective

From the Profit-Tips channel

Some companies function with such destructive consumption that they are actually unprofitable to do business with. One such type of business functions much like the Borg Collective in Star Trek; expecting you to handle very large numbers of small orders, provide and fund additional logistics, and waive or modify the policies that normally protect you from losses. These are companies that will eat up your profits; it is wise to keep away from them. This video gives a guideline for how to avoid getting caught in their grasp. Watch the video.

You've Lost Your Biggest Account – Now What?

From the Profit-Tips Channel

Everyone eventually faces the loss of a significant account. Sometimes it’s one that represents such a large share of business, that “normal” operations are no longer possible. How you handle the situation will determine whether it’s an unpleasant blip, or a near death emergency. This video shows what to do to keep your ship from afloat when the inevitable happens. Watch the video.

Profit-Driven Customer Service

From the Profit-Tips channel

There’s a strategy that sets apart the companies with astronomical profit rates from everyone else. These amazing companies have profit rates not double, but six to eight times those of their competitors! They all utilize the same strategy for driving the highest-possible profit rates, the greatest cash-flow, and the fastest growth. In this video, I’ll share the strategy, and how you can get started implementing it. Watch the video.

Customer Service – How Companies Get It So Wrong

From the Profit-Tips channel

Mathematically, half of all companies have below-average customer service. There’s a fifty-fifty chance yours is one of them. Here’s why most companies don’t do so well with this, and what can be done to get to the top of the heap. Watch the 4-minute video.

The Customer Benefits Budget: Engineering Customer Relationships

From the Profit-Tips channel

Check out my new 4-minute video: The Customer Benefits Budget: Engineering Customer Relationships.

Accounts That Eat Your Lunch

From the Profit-Tips channel

Check out my new 6-minute video: Accounts That Eat Your Lunch.

How to Make (a Lot) More Money: Profit-Driven Business Strategy

From the Profit-Tips channel

Check out my new 5-minute video: How to Make (a Lot) More Money: Profit-Driven Business Strategy.

Mix & Balance: How to Get Big Profit Gains

From the Profit-Tips channel

Check out my new 5-minute video: Mix & Balance: How to Get Big Profit Gains.

Amazon breaks records by breaking rules

From MultiBriefs Exclusive

"There are no rules here — we're trying to accomplish something." — Thomas A. Edison READ MORE

ERP - Why Your Small Business Needs It Now

From The Huffington Post

Even if your business is small, you might need the power of ERP to grow it. READ MORE

How Less Than $2,400 Can Get You $150,000 Worth of Media Attention


PR can be an amazing, untapped beast for attention and lead generation--but only if you reframe your mindset. READ MORE

Bootstrapping Innovation: 6 Tactics That Work


How to get resourceful innovating without seeking funding and still win big. READ MORE

Want to Grow Your Business Exponentially? Stop Focusing on Instant Gratification

From Inc.

To grow your business exponentially, take a step back to devise a strategy to make a bigger impact more quickly. READ MORE

Accountancy 101: 5 Tips to Manage Your Small Business's Finances


Own a small business and manage your own finances? The process can be daunting and complicated, but there are ways you can make it easier. READ MORE

10 Essential Tools That Give Small Businesses a Big Edge

From Entrepreneur

To succeed, a small business has to leverage every resource it has available. READ MORE

9 New Year's Resolutions for Small Business Success

From Entrepreneur

It's a good time to reflect on your business' progress and plan how you want to grow your business in the new year. READ MORE

Agility Is King in the Age of Disruption

From Business 2 Community

What is it like starting and growing a business in a time of technological disruption, changing social conditions, and shifting economic priorities? Exciting, vital, dynamic, and thrilling, in one perspective. Others take a bleaker view of the prospect. READ MORE