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Obsess Over Your Customers, Not Your Rivals

From Harvard Business Review

The starting point of most competitive analysis is a question: Who is your competition? That’s because most companies view their competition as another brand, product, or service. But smart leaders and organizations go broader. READ MORE

The Beginner's Guide To Shooting Good-Looking Video

From Association Success

Whether it’s for a promo video or a webinar, having the quality of your footage match the quality of your content makes such a difference to the message you are sending out. READ MORE

4 Things Your Innovation Efforts Shouldn’t Focus On

From Harvard Business Review

Differentiation should be a prime motivator of any strategy; firms should always look to find an edge. But too often CEOs find themselves stuck in what I call an innovation plateau. They fall into chronic sameness, an inertia driven by a feeling that they must focus on cost, even cheapness, to remain competitive. READ MORE

How To Train Your Brain To Be More Innovative

From Fast Company

Innovation is a series of steps, and innovators possess certain characteristics. Every individual possesses some of those characteristics—though to varying degree—and recent research looks at what those characteristics are, and how we can “awaken” them in order to unleash our own innovative genius. READ MORE

When Planning a Presentation, Step Away from PowerPoint and Do This Instead

From Inc.

The success of your presentation depends less on your slides than a lot of other factors. So if you spend all your time making slides (or worse, curating old slides), you are not going to make the impact you seek. READ MORE

The Top 4 Traits Millennials Look for in Leaders

From Inc.

At 80 million strong, Millennials (those born from 1980-2000) are already at critical mass in that same workplace. To excel in today's work environment, it's important to understand Millennials and how to effectively work with them. READ MORE

5 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2017

From Entrepreneur

You have an opportunity to grow your business in 2017. It doesn’t have to be substantial growth, but a small incremental advancement in your business not only provides more revenue for you but more value to your customers. Work on strengthening the core of your business, while expanding your reach in the market. READ MORE

4 Ways CEOs Can Conquer Short-Termism

From Harvard Business Review

In a recent survey, 70% of respondents said that CEOs focus too much on short-term financial results, and nearly 60% said that they don’t focus enough on positive long-term impact. READ MORE

Six Innovation Leadership Skills Everybody Needs To Master

From Forbes

Innovation in the next economy is about much more than inventing. It’s about figuring out how and where you can add unique value. READ MORE

5 Ways to Make Your Business Better Than the Competition

From Success

The key is to look beyond the sale and focus on what you can do to be better, different and ahead of the game. READ MORE

6 Characteristics of an Innovative Leader

From Entrepreneur

Are you sometimes confused about what type of leader you are or what type of leader you should be? READ MORE

Why Innovation and Imitation Aren't Mutually Esclusive

From Fast Company

In the process of jumping on a bandwagon—or running away with it—the best imitators invariably put their own twist on the original idea. READ MORE

Are you a giver or a taker?

From TED

In every workplace, there are three basic kinds of people: givers, takers and matchers. Organizational psychologist Adam Grant breaks down these personalities and offers simple strategies to promote a culture of generosity and keep self-serving employees from taking more than their share. Read More

The Biggest Way Small Businesses Can Make Employees Happy

From Fortune

Hint: It’s not perks. Read More

How to Leverage Your Executive Leadership Team

From Entrepreneur

One of the hardest things to get right as a founder is building out a strong and capable leadership team that can propel the company to the next level. The next hardest thing, once the leaders are assembled, is determining: 1) How much ownership of the strategy should those leaders have? and 2) How involved should a founder be in the business as it grows? Read More

The Type of Purpose That Makes Companies More Profitable

From Harvard Business Review

Most companies have mission and vision statements, but those tend to communicate very little about a company’s purpose. Read More

Why I want you to steal my ideas

From TED

Writer Seth Godin explains why it’s absolutely fine if you steal his ideas. You have to promise to make them better. Read More

On delegation and failure

From NewCo Shift

How a single conversation with my boss changed my view on delegation and failure. Read More

Why Listening Can Be One of Your Greatest Assets

From Inc.

7 Tips for Being a Highly Effective Listener Read More

A global guide to handshakes

From Expedia

The hand shake can help to make or break a relationship from day one. Read More