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Senior management teams are sort of like people: no two are exactly alike, though they share a lot of common characteristics. Read More

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The perfect hire is someone who is excited about your company’s goals – the kind of person that will go the extra mile when it’s required. Not the person who will complain when the have to work the occasional Saturday to get a project over the line. Read More

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There is still confusion about what “country of origin” means. Country of origin refers to the point from which the ore came out of the ground. The location of the smelter can be indicative of risk in some situations, but not always. Read More

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In decades of work with more than 100 global organizations, we have seen case after case in which managers and their companies are too eager to jump into the global arena before ensuring that all the right internal pieces are in place. Read More

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So what’s the harm in prepping kids for college? Won’t all students benefit from a high-level, four-year academic degree program? As it turns out, not really. Read More

Rotor Clip was recently awarded the 2015 President's Award from NTN Driveshaft, Columbus, Indiana.

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Last month Rotor Clip picked 5 finalists for the Ring-A-Majig contest. On May 1st, after presenting their inventions, the winners were announced.

Three teams from East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, were crowned the winners of the 2016 Rotor Clip "Ring-A-Majig" contest, which challenged students pursuing technical courses of study to use retaining rings in original product designs.

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This is a war, a price war. You’re fighting an enemy, a pernicious challenger to your profitability. The battlefield is in your customer's head. Your opponent is price-shopper thinking.

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Though still dominated by American energy and resources companies, the list of outfits most likely to default was joined by a couple of fast-deteriorating Brazilian corporations. Read More

Wholesaler-distributors who supply products and materials to contractors for work on projects funded, at least in part, with government funds are no doubt aware of the involvement of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) on many of these projects.  Recent incidents of “DBE fraud” have resulted in Justice Department charges against distributors and/or contractors.


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What determines whether the ideas we generate are truly creative? Recent research of ours finds that one common factor often gets in the way: we tend to undervalue the benefits of persistence. Read More

A Message From the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Expo


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Extended slow growth, increased volatility in sectors including commodities and a domino effect of major bankruptcies is increasing default risk for firms across most of the world. Read more

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Contrast Jeff Bezos' competitive beliefs with yours for some competitive insights. Read more

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Do millennials lack grit because our culture devalues a work ethic? Read more


Always-Be-Closing. This phrase has been around for a while and popularized by Alec Baldwin in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross. However, selling in today’s world is different. Selling is more than just closing.

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Here’s the scene: A problem has come up with one of your supply chain vendors, threatening to delay timely shipment of your product. At the same time, a potential opportunity appears that, with some exploration and investment, could lead to a new generation of products down the road. Which do you respond to first? Read More

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For decades, Sales and Academia remained worlds apart and the business world did fine. But Sales is changing, Academia is out of touch, and this is bad for business and the academy. Click here to read more

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The strong, 54.6 showing of the combined manufacturing and service sectors continues a trend of mostly steady gains that began in November, although a couple of key categories showed signs of losing steam. Click here to read more